DAMARK Konsultant Sp. z o. o.

Damark has been operating on the real estate market since December 2003, and specialises in the purchase, agency and sale of properties, preparation of investments, and other development projects.

We work with investors, advising them at different stages of the investment, and offer services connected to commercial real estate properties, such as filling stations, markets, shopping malls, and hotels. We have extensive professional experience in the real estate industry.

Since January 2008 Damark has been recruiting specialists in construction, engineering and medicine/pharmacy, as well as hotel school graduates for work in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East.


KRS: 0000184826
REGON: 192993408
NIP: 957-087-21-15

Bank account:
ING 1050 1764 1000 0022 7737 5081

tel. +48 506 825 379